“My Dearest…” Decor : New release /February 2022

A lovely decor to show your love !

“My Dearest…” Decor :

Let’s say “Love is in the air !”… Yes, Valentine day is just around the corner !

So let know about your love !

Maybe you love him/her in secret…. This letter you leave innocently on the table will tell him/her about your feelings.

The love letter is surrounded by an ink pen, a few flowers, an envelope, and some chocolate candies in ramekins…

This decor may be rezzed on a table, on the ground, on a chest… wherever you will find it convenient !

The land impact is 2 Li.

It is Copy/Mod and Materials Enabled.

100 % original mesh.

Gift @ Shop & Hop Valentine Event

And this new item will be our gift for everyone during the Shop & Hop Valentine Event.

If you are familiar with this shopping event, you know already that there will be an exclusive gift for you in each of the stores there.

So this “My Dearest…” Decor is the one you will get in Petit Chat booth.

Done with love, of course ! 🙂

Taxi to Petit Chat booth @ Shop & Hop Valentine Event : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Halcyon/103/52/53

Do not forget to visit the whole event ! There are exclusive gift in all the shops !


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