Gingerbread Chair : New release / December 2021

The perfect chair to wait for Santa to visit your home !

Although this seat is partly made of gingerbread, it’s not to be eaten ! 😀

The Gingerbread Chair :

A comfy chair is always a must next to a Christmas tree.

Firstly, because impatience will grow from now on till the 24th. So you will need a cozy spot to sit and wait for Santa.

And secondly, because when Santa himself is going to visit your home, by night, in order to deliver your gifts, he will probably need some minutes of rest, before going on his long tour !

So this chair will be perfect !

So, while the armature is done of gingerbread (non-edible), cushions and interior parts are done with cute fabrics.

If you click the chair, a pop-up menu will offer you 4 options for the fabrics. You may change the plain color parts and the patterned parts separately.

In regard to animations, this chair offers 9 single sits and 4 couple ones. You may even ask Santa to sit and kiss you ! (Well… you may also ask anyone else the same in case you prefer to kiss a friend !)

The land impact is 8 Li

Our group gift for December

And since it is Christmastime, we have set this new item to be our group gift for the month of December !

Thus, you just have to tp to Petit Chat Store : and, while wearing your Petit Chat group tag, click the group gift vendor. It will be sent to your inventory right away.

The seat is displayed next to the group gift area for you to try it !

Enjoy and Happy Holidays !


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