Gift Cart : New release / December 2021

Add some gifts to your Xmas decor !

This new item is released, at first, as a gift for the Shop & Hop Holidays event.

Gift Cart :

Gifts with different shape and colors are filling it.

It’s done with old wood (white and blue) and wheels are done with metal.

Also, a rope is hanging from the cart to the floor.

The land impact is 6.

Of course, it’s copy & modify. It is materials enabled.

And it’s, as usually, a 100 % original mesh.

Get it as a gift during the Holidays Shop & Hop event !

Where to get this cute cart, you will ask !

Great news ! For the whole month of December, you may get it for free at the Shop & Hop event.

And all other items in my store there are discounted with a 50 % off.

Here is your taxi :

Do not miss visiting the whole event ! There are several sims dedicated to this seasonal event, and all stores have an exclusive gift for you !


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