Birthday alert : SL is turning 17 years old !!! And it’s proving maturity and stability over all those years. I have to admit, that when I started my second life 11 years ago, I wasn’t expecting this virtual world to live so long. But years after years, bugs after bugs (lol), SL has become the best virtual platform ever ! And I do love it more days after days !

So yes ! Happy birthday to you Secondlife and thank you for bringing so much happiness and joy all over those years.

For me SL remains the place I can express my creativity, creating my mesh objects or my digital art. Every time I wander the beautiful sims all over SL I’m still amazed by the extraordinary talent of a lot of content creators. And I feel blessed to be able to enjoy such gorgeous landscapes, decors, etc….

So, somewhat, it’s a celebration for SL but also to all its talented content creators, and of course to all its residents ! So happy birthday to all of you !!!

Official SL 17 B logo

Petit Chat is @ SL 17B Shop & Hop Event

I also feel blessed to be part of their Shop & Hop inworld event.

As usually, I offer a 50 % off on my most recent items for this occasion.

Most of my latest release are there, but also a few of my artworks. The selected pics are no longer available inworld, so it’s a great opportunity for you to get a copy. The artworks are sold with a low price of 100 L$ (mod & trans).

An exclusive gift for the SL birthday

Whoever says “birthday” always thinks “present” ! So here is one for you all (no group needed) : the Delivery set :

Delivery set comes in 3 pieces :

  • Old pallet : 2 Li
  • Crate with bottles : 1 LI (lil tip : you may unlink a pack of 4 bottles, and get a half full crate of bottles)
  • Cardboard “Fragile” : 1 Li

As usually everything is original handcrafted mesh.

It’s copy, modify and materials enabled.

At my booth, you will see a lil suitcase : click that one and it will give you the set for free.

The item will be on sale after the event.

So now we are all ready to celebrate a very happy birthday to SL, I wish to this incredible world 17 more years to live and I hope to be part of it as long as it will be alive !

Happy bday to you SL, happy bday to you all content creators and happy bday to you all SL residents ! Long life to SecondLife !

Taxi to Petit Chat @ Sl 17B Shop & Hop event :



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