New release for the I ♥ the cart event : Summertime Set.

This lovely set is done with repurposed pallets and matress covered with new vibrant fabrics.

It will be a perfect addition for your patios, poolside, garden or even indoor decors.

What’s in the set ?

The whole set is done of several pieces:

  • The couch with a land impact of 6 it offers a texture menu (on touch) with 7 options for the matress and the trim (separately so you can mix and match) and 9 for both cushions (separately too). Furthermore, you may sit 2 avatars on it, with 14 single and 7 cuddles animations.
  • The simple stool is 2 LI only. Matress and trim have the same texture options than in the couch. In addition, that one comes with 13 single animations.
  • The stool with blanket is same than the simple stool about texture options and animations, except it has, on top, 9 texture options for the blanket, and it is 5 LI.
  • The crate table is only 1 Li.
  • The small cushion collection comes in the same 9 texture options than the ones on the couch. They are 1 Li each.
  • The drinks set includes an empty bottle and a bottle of orange juice. And 1 empty glass and another with orange juice. Everything in that set is 1 Li only.

Package options :

During the event :

That’s nothing new, but this I ♥ the cart event is one of my favorite.

First of all because it is run really smoothly and friendly by its owner (Margekinson from the Artist Shed) and also because the event is coupled with a hunt all over the sim.

For this reason i always offer my exclusive items as really geat deals.

So, for the duration of the event ONLY, you will find the Summertime set with the following package options :

  • Cushion collection as hunt prize. You’ll need to find bones all over the sim. Find the Petit Chat one and you’ll get those cute cushions. Note that hunt prizes are 2 L$.
  • Drinks set is set as the 10 L$ item (the event uses to have one always)
  • Furniture set (couch, stool, stool with blanket, table) is sold with a 50 % off, so instead of the regular 350 L$, you will pay 175 L$ only.

After the event :

The Summertime Set will be sold as follow after june, 30th:

  • Full set (including everything) : 350 L$
  • Couch & cushion set : 150 L$
  • Stools set : 150 L$
  • Table & drinks set : 150 L$

Now, where to go to get this set ?

The I ♥ the cart runs from June 1st till the 30th

Taxi to the event :

More infos about the event here :

As usually it is 100 % handmade original mesh.

Be aware that the land impact may vary with the size.

Materials enabled (see the notecard about the materials)
Perms: Copy and mod.


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