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The third exclusive item I created for Penumbra Fashionweek autumn-winter 2014 is rocker style with a beautiful leather jacket, skirt and boots.
For this one i used an artwork i created at the beguining of this summer and that will be part of my next exhibition (opening in october at the new artgallery in Moumou’s Square) that you can see here . It’s called “Not all those who wander are lost”.
The outfit include the short belted skirt, the beautiful leather jacket and the moto boots. To complete the combo, I’ve created a short top on layers, and as accesory, the sunglasses comes nicely to complete the whole outfit.
If you are a boot addict like me, you will like those ones, No high heels here but really lovely details and yes, with the materials they look even more amazing. The leather texture here is really beautifully detailed.
If you clicked on the link to the artwork in Flikr, you will notice that the original pic is dark with a light part in the center. You will find this one in the back of the jacket, leaving the whole other parts more dark but not without details if you look closely.
Even the glasses branches have nice details over the dark color.
(note that the tentacle make up I’m wearing here is not from me but from Madrid Solo boutique).
Finally this outfit can match several styles, like rocker but also sci-fi and grunge.
The whole outfit is 500 l$ and perms are copy (sunglasses are resizable)

Taxi for Penumbra :

All the pictures of this post are cropped raw photographs.
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