Coucou !
Among all the artworks I created, there is one I made long time ago, for which i keep having a special feeling. It’s one of my first and one of my very favorite. 
Since I have started my ArtFashion line I hoped I will be able to use that one in one of my outfit created from my artworks. 
And I find the perfect coat for that !
The artwork is called “Beam of light” and you can see it in my Flikr stream here .
The outfit includes the closed coat, the handbag and the hoop with web.
I must say I’m particularly happy of the result of the materials on this coat. I set it to a bit more relief than usually and the result is superb. The contrast between white and black is beautiful.

So this is my 4th exclusive item for Penumbra fashionweek autum-winter 2014.
As background to introduce the outfit i chose the huge and stunning cathedral that stands at one side of the Penumbra land. The place were will happen the fashionshows all along the week. 
Petit Chat will be showcased on the 15th of september at 2 pm SLT.

 The coat is a beautiful contrast between the white and the black parts of the arwork. For the collar, the buttons and the belt i chose to create a metallic pink texture to add a bit of color to the ensemble.
Same texture i used for the little metallic handbag and the hoop.
As usually with my creation, you can be sure an extrem care have been put in the textures and front and back match together.
This outfit will be perfect for keeping you warm all along this next winter.
The price is 360 L$. Permission is copy however the bag and the hoop are resizable. Materials enabled.
You ‘ll just have to find some warm boots and maybe a pair of gloves and you’ll be ready for the cold of the winter !
All the photos in this post are cropped raw photographs.

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