Ok, well today i m a bit in a rush so no time to make a fancy pic inworld but i have good news for you anyway…
As mentioned on the paper i found yesterday next to Santa’s hat, i found today a lovely set of jewellery left by him on my desk.
There was a lil letter with it  :

“Dear Trinity, 
I know you will do a good use with this lovely set of jewellery… You know, im not that rich to buy diamonds, so i took some snowflakes coming from the sky and made this necklace and bracelets for your Petit Chat Lovers…. it’s made of love and snow… 

So this is a cute original mesh set including a necklace and a bracelet. All mod and copy

You ll need to wear the Petit Chat group tag to get it and get also the 2 previous gifts.

Santa did not forget the non group member as he left also a lovely set of mesh legwarmer for everyone… and they have snowflakes too !!!

Ok, i need to run !

See ya later !!!

Your taxi 


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