It looks like Santa came back at Moumou’s Square yesterday… maybe for testing our new wine cuvée at the winery…. This morning, i found his hat on the floor right next to the bridge between the winery and the animal yard….
Well, i grabbed the hat and worn it and OMG there is the lil bells are ringing when i touch it.

You can get this cute Santa’s hat at Petit Chat Xmas tree, as it is the second of the 12 Christmas gifts of Petit Chat. You will need to wear Petit Chat group tag for that one.

But Santa didnt forget non-group members ! There is also a gift for them !

This is a set of choker and bracelet.

Both gifts of today are original mesh and textures !

Enjoy !!

Your taxi is here !

(PS : While i was grabing the hat from the floor… i noticed there was lil paper with a drawning of a necklace…. i dont know… maybe ….. but shhhh)


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