Well, yes, i know, it is almost one year i haven’t been updating this blog. You can easily figure a lot of things happened, but im not going to tell you all here, it will be soon boring. I’m the kind of person who lives in her present. Present is today. So we will keep on this, and of course, i’ll tell some of the things that happened in the latest year here and there along my posts.
But today, i have a lot of things to tell you !
Petit Chat is participating in a lot of events and i want to talk to you about them, about the exclusive items i created for some of them, about the good deals you can find in some of others, and about the Petit Chat’s present.

Well, maybe first i would have to tell you some lil things from the past…. In march 2013, Moumou went to join angels. Her tits cancer won. She fighted for a whole week and i left everything (even RL work) to stand by her side and fight with her. She was almost 17 years. She has been really brave and i will never forget how she behaved in her last week.
For me it is a huge loss and i still miss her everyday.And i m still not ready to write about it.
But this is the explanation about why this blog stopped suddendly.
I couldnt create any clothes till september. I was blocked.
But in the meantime, i started to create artworks and it helped me a lot to heel my pain. I think this artistic skills are the gift Moumou left to me when she left. So i care this present like if i was caring her.
I opened an artgallery inworld in july. I will blog about it soon.

In september i came back to fashion designs thanks to some events ive been invited to participate in. It has been a good stimulation for puting me back to work.
And it’s still going on….

Currently, i’m participating to 5 events and will be participating to the famous Fashion For Life in june 2014.
The first event i would like to talk to you about is the MC Fashion colors of spring .

Located in a city square, this event gather a lot of great designers together.
All surrounded by lil shop (Petit Chat has one with some of their regular items), the center of the Square is filled with little stalls with all exclusive items and … at very low price, since the maximum is 100 l$.
You can find there a lot of different styles and items from make-up and tattoos till outfits, shoes, accessories etc.. well everything you need to feel the pretiest girl in the world.

This is the second round im participating in. The theme is Colors of spring. It started on the 23th of february and will end on the 9th of march.
For this particular round, ive created a new spring-ish dress in 2 versions.

I chose to call the dress Persephone, because it’s the name of the godess of the spring in the greek mythology.
The dress comes with panties in case someone try to look under your dress ;-).
Here is the pink version.

It is really easy to wear. A dress for everyday.

The green version has another flower brocade.

Both dresses are sold for 100 l$ and only at the MC fashion event for now (till the 9th of march).
They come in 4 sizes with alpha layer.

So don’t miss out this opportunity and check out all the other stalls bringing to you some of the best creations in SL.
Taxi is here : MC Fashion Colors of spring

Stay tuned, more to come soon !



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