So here is another event with Petit Chat : The Fashion Collective.

It is a prestigious fashion event gathering really famous and great SL designers, and im really honored to participate to it.
Located in a gorgeous and peaceful garden, the invited designers bring to you some exclusive items.

The manager, Nayomi Gartner, set an amazing decoration here. This is the second round of this new fashion event and the theme is spring, and she couldnt bring a better spring-ish atmosphere than here.
If you have the music enabled, you will also enjoy the peaceful stream.

Each designers present here a few of they creations, all exclusive and created especially for the event.

So here is the Petit Chat table.

I thought that this event was a good opportunity to launch the new Petit Chat product line : Petit Chat ArtFashion.
This new collection will stand beside the regular Petit Chat collection.
However, it will have to specificities : each items will be textured with one of my artworks, re-worked for the occasion, and they will have materials enabled.
What is called materials within SL is a way to texture items with 3 textures at the same time. On top of the regular texture (called “diffuse”), we create and add a normal map to create relief and a specular map that will manage the way the item will reflect the lights and shadows.

For rendering the materials effect you need to use “ultra graphic” settings, or at least have enabled your “advanced lighting model” box and “ambient occlusion” box in your preference menu (graphic tab). Then you can play with your windlight settings list and play with light and shadows.

So here is the first exclusivity for the Fashion Collective, and also, the first item of the Petit Chat ArtFashion line. Its called Blue Buddha and of course for this one, i used the Blue Buddha artwork that has been displayed in my artgallery till recently.

I’d like to point you that all the pics you see here are not photoshoped. They are raw photographs, i just played with windlight settings and used photoshop to crop them. (Yeah, ive got recently a new PC with a great graphic card, so it makes things easier).

As you can see, the effect rendered by the materials is quite amazing. But of course, the dress looks also perfect without ultra graphics. You just won’t have relief and less bright, but it will look beautiful anyway.

The dress i mesh of course and comes with 5 sizes and an alpha layer. Copy.

The second dress is the same but textured with the “Lost in a flower field” paint. One of my most famous pic.

Each dress is 300 L$.  Not a real big deal if you consider all textures are unique and copyrighted by myself.
Those 2 artworks are no longer displayed in my artgallery Petit Chat artgallery because i recently changed the exhibition, but if you want to see them inworld or buy them (200 L$) each, just send me an IM.

I really hope you will like this new collection.
Demos are available there.
Taxi : The Fashion Collective , it will stand from the 1rst of march till the 15th.



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