Hello !

I felt lately like a spring inspiration for an outdoor decor. I wasnt supposed to build anything else for this month because i have a graduation test in RL happening in May and i need to focus on that…. But inspiration isn’t something that we can decide. It comes when it comes and we should never ignore it…

So it started with a “why not some milk containers?… ” And as i was building the churns, of course pesky cows started to populate my mind and finally, i decided to create this small cow in ceramic. Because without cow…. there is no milk !

This set includes :
— Garden Fork : 2 LI
— Milk Churn : 1 Li
— Milk Churn with cow : 1 Li
— Cow Ceramic : 1 Li

As usually everything is copy and mod. Thus you can resize or even customize it more to your liking.

It is materials enabled.

You can find this item at the Boardwalk Event. A cute and friendly event dedicated to decor, furnitures, and buildings.

TAXI It’s open from May 15th till June 15th.


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