Hello !

So SL is celebrating its 16th birthday ! Happy BD then !

One more time, we had the great delight to be part of the selected stores for their shopping event. Woot !

So Petit Chat has a store in the region “Golden” and you will find there a selection of some of my items with a 50% OFF discount.

And also…A new release !

The Bohemian Desk Set

The Bohemian Desk includes :

  • Desk (6Li) : Texture change (6 options)
  • Stool (2Li/8 animations) : Texture change (6 options)
  • Book Collection (1Li each) : 4 Books + Agenda + Notebook + Opened Notebook
  • Lamp (2Li) : Texture change (6 options)- Light on/off on touch
  • Desk pad (1LI) : Texture change (6 options)
  • Draft (1Li)
  • Opened and closed Felt Pen (1Li each) : Texture change (6 options)
  • Felt Pen Jar (1 Li) : Texture change (6 options)

The Set may be purchased as a fatpack, including all the pieces and also in smaller packs (Desk & Stool – Book collection – Writing set – Lamp)

And the good news is that the set is also 50% Off during the event !

Of course, while you are there, do not miss to visit the whole 4 regions hosting the shopping event. It’s huge and full of good deals and…. there is a gift in every stores !!!!



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