Some days ago, ive asked my friend Trix if she would like we switch Moumou’s Square from snow to spring mode.
Trix has amazing skills for landscaping, and i do entrust her my garden since the start. 
Before that, she also landscaped my first little island, and i’m totally confident in her work.
So she said ok right away. As usually, i give to her a full access to my inventory and a small budget for new purchases (3 000 L$ that time).
She worked hard for 2 days and i havent been worried for even one minute.
I’m totally confident in her taste.
For me she’s the reference for good taste and i do trust her totally.
So after 2 days, i’ve find a Moumou’s Square renewed and oh my god ! soooooooo gorgeous.
Read the Virtual Vist on my blog (button at the top of the page or click the link) to know more and see pics.
I really like how Trix works. She has a quality i apreciate even more among others, she listen what i want and then give her interpretation. She always try to fulfil what i would like for my garden. When my ideas are not good, she try to match still with them and give a result that looks great.
As i use to say, she’s the fairy of this garden. And i know she enjoy a lot playing with my garden’s landscaping.
Taxi for Moumou’s Square : Here
Enjoy !

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