So Haddath Cove is the place owned by my friend Nati Jashan.
I know her for almost 4 years now and i may say she’s an amazing person. I love a lot her human qualities but she’s also a really talented landscaper and a really creative person.
So she created this paradisiac cove and set it up to public place, so everyone can enjoy it.

Of course, the bungallows are occupied by peoples so you have to respect their privacy. So please do not enter inside them.
That said you may enjoy all the public spaces there.

When you first land in Haddath Cove you arrive in the welcome arrea, with a bar, some lounge sits, a lil boat, and surf boards too.

You get the atmosphere right away. This place is made to enjoy life. Whatever you come to hang out lonely or with friends, you wont be disapointed.
You can have drink at the bar, dance, do some surf…..

Then behind the bar, you may choose to go to the left side. All along the path you will find pretty lovely lounge spots where you can sit or lay and just enjoy the view or chat with friends.

The wooden path will lead you to a small beach with 4 bungallows. Two of them are rented. But the 2 a bit more high are available for now for 200 L$ per week with a prim allowance of 130 prims. 

This is the one from the left in the photo above.
They are all really nicely furnished. But you can switch with your own furniture if you prefer.

As i said in an older post, on top you get an orb and a private radio.
Beside this bungallow, at the same height there is my favorite one.

It is also available for now and the extra bonus of this bungallow is the incredible beautiful view you get from the balcony.

When you stand or sit on this balcony, i don’t know how to say… but there is an incredible serenity that goes all over you. Whatever the hour of the day you come here, the view remain something that will make you feel a deep peace.

Let’s go back now to the welcome area and see what we will find on the other side of the path.

So just behind the tiki bar, there is a percusion area where you can find some jeembe and other percusion instruments. They are playable, so you can do a jam session with your friends.

You will arrive in another small beach.
Here and upper, all bungallows are rented for now. But you can still enjoy the beach and even swim if you want.

Isn’t it paradisiac ?

Nati didnt forget any details. She has been very careful to create an environement really detailled.

Just behind this beach, you will find some stairs that will lead you to the heights of Haddath Cove.

Be careful while you enjoy your visit to not disturb the privacy of the renters there.

After you will follow the long path and stairs you will finally arrive at the high point of Haddath Cove where stand Petit Chat artgallery and Natilee’s shop.
I’ll keep this 2 other spots for another future blog spots. Both building are worth to be visited for their architecture and also what you will find inside.

Feel free to visit Haddath Cove anytime.

Taxi : Haddath Cove

(All pics in this post have been thru my photoshop only for being cropped. All of them are original SL snapshots)


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