Coucou !!

We are starting a new year, and let’s hope this one will bring us only good things.
November and december have been crazily busy for me, RL and SL, so I decided to take some weeks in order to rest a bit and enjoy the fun of SL without creating much. Just spending time with friends, and exploring new places for future photographs.
Now this is done, I can put myself back to work, and starting with the Urban legend fair, which started on the 22th and will run till feb, 12th. For this event I created “My winter coat”, coming in 3 colors.

My winter coat blue

Colors are blue, brown and red. The main texture is a tartan and on the arms and shoulder its wool plain color.

A quick look from close on the fabrics :

My winter coat blue 

(the lil black spots you see on this picture are the shadows of the snowdrops as I made these pics in a snowy sim)

The coat is slightly opened in the front and on the collar its closed by a lovely bow.

My winter coat in brown

Of course there is the classic brown version. A must have in your wardrobe.

As the coat is opened a bit in the front, most of you will want to wear something under, and you can of course wear meshes (but you will probably need to wear a size lower than your usual, for it doesnt show over the coat) or layer clothes. Lingery under the coat is also a super idea.

My winter coat in red

The third version is red. So elegant ! Probably my favorite. 🙂

You can find these beautiful winter coats at the Urban Legend fair till feb, 12th. After this, they ll be available at my mainstore of course and on the market place.
Click any vendor to get a demo (you ll get a menu, just click on “DEMO” button)

For the shooting of those photos I chose to go at Scribbled Hearts . A beautiful snowy sim perfect for photos !

As usually in this blog, all the pics of this post have been only cropped, and no post process have been applied to them. I used for them the “Phototools-Build” Windlight settings (there are several ones).

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