Sneak Peek is going for a new round. Usually designers are split in 2 groups and each group join alternatively the event one month on 2, so I was planed for february, but I had the opportinity to join juanary round too. And Penumbra’s events are not the kind of event you want to miss. 
The exclusive outfit I’m bringing, this time, is called “Safeguarding…”, and it’s from the ArtFashion collection.
Safeguarding… front
Safeguarding… outfit has been textured from my artwork called “Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being” (the title is a quote from Khalil Gibran and needless to say that it’s meaningful for me, but I’m not going into details of my real life here) that you can see here or in my artgallery.
The outfit is made up of a sensual jumpsuit, a harness and beautiful wings in the back.
The main part of the artwork is displayed on the torso, front and back and for the other parts i used parts of the blue and of the pink from the pic.
Safeguarding… back
The big blue wings in the back add a touch of majesty to the outfit. Of course, you can wear the jumpsuit as it is, with or without the harness. It’s pretty elegant and the laced bra makes it really sexy. But after all, it’s SL so why not wear also wings ? 
The whole outfit is all vinyl material and of course if you enable your ALM setting  you’ll be able to see the shininess and the relief on the fabrics.
The all outfit is copy only but the wings are also resizable, and they come left and right, so you can repositionate as you wish.
Price is 420 l$ and you can find it at Sneak Peek event till feb, 5th. After this date, of course, it will be available in my mainstore.
For this post I chose to make the  pics at Spencer museum of art   a fantastic place.
As usually, with this kind of post, pics have been only cropped and no post processed has been done on them.
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