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There is a new event all dedicated to appliers and everything else that is done for mesh bodies.
Well, more and more avatars are wearing nowadays mesh body parts till a complete body or head.
I’ve been resisting for a long time. Im not the kind of ppl who dive into new trends blindly. But i have to admit it, skins and everything you apply on a mesh body look way better than on the default avatar.
The reason is simple. Everything you apply on a layer for the SL default avatar is resized by SL to 512 pixels. On a mesh, you can apply 1024 pixels textures. So of course, it doesnt look the same at all.
On top, it depend also on how is done the mesh (the wireframe) and we have to aknowledge that the SL avatar has not the best wireframe, indeed.

So well, you may have or not have a mesh body, know that most of the time, in appliers pack you will also find layers version, that you will be able to wear anyway.
I’m not here to tell you which body mesh i got, and why i love it and why i still dont own a mesh head but to talk to you about this new event : Apply me.

Apply me event started its first round on the 10 th of July and will run till the 20th, so hurry up !
The even is a production of the new born Solaris event, also producer of Sneak Peek event now.

Gathering a large range of SL designers, it presents appliers and other items created for mesh body part (it can be shoes, anklets, etc…). There is also a lot of diversity within the appliers exhibited going from skin and make up to complete outfit.

Petit Chat chose to create a set of lingerie coming with corset and panties.

This lovely set of lingerie is called Dentelles, and it exists in 8 color versions (black & white, black & red, teal & white, teal & pink, puple & black, purple & white, pink & black and pink & white) and also you can have it in a fatpack version gathering all the colors.

On top of the layers, you will find in each pack appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Slink, and TMP.
Belleza, Maitreya and Slink are materials enabled, making them even more real, as they render also the bumpiness and the shinyness.
BUT if you wear one of those appliers do not forget to also apply the mask mode on your mesh body hud otherwise it wont look good.

Each single color pack is 60 l$ and the fat pack is 350 l$ for 8 colors in one pack.

Your taxi to the event is here : Apply me event

After the event, you will be, of course, able to find them in my mainstore or on my market place.

Happy shopping !

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