Coucou !

Sneak Peek june round starts today !
Yay !

The event moved to another location, so you might want to update your LM. Your new taxi is here .

As a VIP designer, i commited to make 6 exclusive items in total for the whole period of april/may/june. You know already my 4 first ones, remaining exclusive for the event till the end of this new round and here are my 2 new ones, needed to complete the whole 6 exclusives.

First there is this summerish long dress, perfect to wear after a long day on the beach. When your skin is full of sun and water. You know ….. after you come back home and take a long and fresh shower…. and you still feel the heat on over your skin. Then whatever are your plans for the evening, having a drink with friends, a dinner with a lover, going to party or theater, this dress is THE dress you ll want to wear.
The flower headpiece will complete the look if you want something more formal.
This dress is called Nonsense from the name of the artwork i used for creating the texture of it. You can see the original work here.

Nonsense long dress + headpiece

Of course the texture has been created with a lot of care and it is materials enabled.

The 6th exclusive is a male bowling shirt. Thanks to my friend Rick who suggested me to create some as he needed one, i finally decided myself to create 3 versions for this shirt in order to make grow the new born male collection.

Home Alley shirt Blue & White
Home Alley shirt Red & Black
Home Alley shirt White & Black
Those beautiful bowling shirts are materials enabled. Once you buy one, for an extra fee of 50 l$ you may requiere a customized version with your text in the front and back instead of the “Home Alley” logo.
And noone said you cant be seducing while playing bowling, isn’t it ?
And don’t forget my vendors have the “buy as a gift ” feature, so whatever is your gender, if you want to make a gift to your beloved friend, it is possible.
Get ready the event opens within a few hours!
See ya there !
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