It’s that time again !!! Easter is around the corner and like the previous year, Petit Chat is joining the Great Egg Easter Hunt again ! The event is put together by the CasperVend Team.

This year huntprizes have to be exclusive, so I did create this adorable wall decor set : Spring Spirit Set.

Spring Spirit Decor Set :

This set includes :

  • A grid in 4 metal colors
  • A ladybug
  • A flower
  • 3 kinds of birds.

Everything is separated, so you can create your own decor and link the whole !

Each piece is 0.5 Li only, so when you will link you will save land impact !

Each piece comes in 4 colors !

It’s all copy and modify .

And of course, it’s materials enabled.

This cute Spring decor comes also in a linkset example. No panic.

Just let your creativity talk and have fun !

This item will be available for free, as part of the Great Easter Egg Hunt till the 16th of April. (It will be available on sale after that day in my mainstore and marketplace)

Do not forget to visit the other stores participating ! There are 178 stops to go and 515 eggs to be found !

Hint for Petit Chat Hunt Prize : You will find me with some other Easter pals, doing a party… Eggs aren’t locked in after all !

Taxi :


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