Hello ! Petit Chat is releasing a new item this week-end : it’s a lovely a rustic set with beehive !

While the whole humanity is facing the virus Covid 19 and so a big part of it is locked in at home, the planet is enjoying our absence as a great opportunity to cure itself…

Years after years, because of our bad behavior and its effect on Nature, bees are disappearing slowly. And if this doesn’t stop, it will be a huge drama for our planet, because those cute lil insects are essentials for plants reproduction. So we must take care of them in RL.

And this inspired me this cute set in SL…

Rustic Beehive Set :

This set includes :

  • Stands in 3 sizes (1 Li each)
  • Beehive : Texture change (6 color options) (2 Li )
  • Bee : Animated (1 Li)

This set is a great tool to create lovely garden decors. Play with the different sizes of the stands (they are modify, so you have even more options), the color of the beehives and your bees movements.

It’s 100 % original mesh and copy, mod & materials enabled.

Pre-release day : 50 L$ for Secret Sale Sundays April, 12th

This new item will be released on Sunday 12th as part of the great Secret Sale Sundays event ! So, for this reason, it will be sold for 50 L$ only on the first day !

After this day, you will still be able to find the pack in Petit Chat mainstore and Marketplace for 269 L$ for the whole set !

Taxi for Petit Chat : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rayne%20and%20PetitChat/70/94/27

and more info about the Secret Sale Sundays Here !


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