Petit Chat is releasing the Hygge Corner Set on Sunday, 1st of March in Mainstore. And as part of the Secret Sale Sundays, it will be part to an incredible offer : 50 L$ only for the first 24 hours !

Hygge Corner Set :

According to Wikipedia Hygge ” is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

And when i think of coziness and comfortable conviviality…. i imagine a nice corner with a fireplace, fluffy armchairs, cushions, etc….

If i think to Northern countries, i think to furnitures done with wood, metals, thick fabrics, …

A comfy corner

And here comes the Hygge Corner Set. Done with a comfy armchair with a cushion, an assorted ottoman, and a wooden table.

The wood of the table is a natural one…. They have a lot of forest there…

And to add to the cozyness and not bother neighbors when you move the furnitures, i have added small tennis balls, covered of the same fabric than the rest, at the feet of the table and the armchair. That way… it wont be noisy if you move them.

The land impact is :

  • 8 Li for the armchair
  • 2 Li for the ottoman
  • 2 Li for the table

The armchair and the ottoman are animated :

  • 16 sit animations for the armchair
  • 12 sit animations for the ottoman

Note that they are animations and not poses. When you sit on those furnitures, your avatar keeps moving in a natural way and dont get frozen with a static pose.

The set comes with a texture Hud. That one will offer you 8 texture options for all the fabric parts (wood and metal part don’t change).

Thus you get actually 8 packs in one ! And the regular price for this one will be 345 L$ only.



If you buy it on its first release day (March, 1st), the item will be part of the Secret Sale Sundays.

It means it will be available for 50 L$ only for 24 hours !

What do you have to do ? Just wait till sunday ! Then head to Petit Chat Mainstore and find the SSS vendors that are at the entrance outside.

The set is displayed next the vendors, so you may try the animations and test the texture hud.

As usually, everything is 100 % original mesh, done with Blender Software, and it’s copy, modify and materials enabled.

More infos about the Secret Sale Sundays (SSS) : check this page.

Taxi to Petit Chat :


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