On Sunday 23rd of February, Petit Chat will release a new set : Electric Kettle Set.

As a pre-release day, you will be able to get this set for 50 L$. ONLY for the first 24 hours.

The electric kettle set

The Electric Kettle Set :

This set includes several pieces :

  • An electric kettle (1 Li & 8 color options)
  • An elegant tumbler (1 li & 8 color options
  • 3 Herbal Tea boxes (1Li)

In addition Kettle and tumblers come with a texture menu. It gives to each 8 options, so you may mix and match the colors to your liking !

It can be a lovely addition to an office decor, in a kitchen, even on a table outside, in the garden…. This set is pretty versatile and you may use in many places.

Pre-release day offer : Secret Sale Sundays

As part of the Secret Sale Sundays event, the item will be on sale for 50 L$. Only on its first day ! So it means that during 24 hours on sunday 23rd, you may get it for this low price. And after that day, on monday, the price will be back to its normal : 149 L$. Which is still a cute price for a 8 color options set !

As usually, the set is 100 % original mesh done from scratch, in Blender Software. It is copy, modify and materials enabled.

Now, there is no longer reason for not offering a good cup of herbal tea to your guests at home !

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