Ibiza Set will be released on Sunday 16th of August as part of the Secret Sale Sundays.

It has been inspired by a relaxing evening, years ago, in the park of a hotel on the gorgeous island of Ibiza.

Yet, Ibiza is more famous for its beach and clubs… But it offers so much more places to visit.

A quiet evening in Ibiza


During summer, sun can shine very much, and so we are often in look for shady spots. Thus a canopy is always a good idea.

For this set we chose to keep it natural, as it is an outdoor item, and so Nature is the boss here, and whatever you add must not conflict with the landscape.

Thus, we did choose to work with wooden planks and some heavy cotton fabrics.

Shadows : The items includes a shadow part, that you can disable using the texture menu (touch the item, it will pop up). If you prefer to unlink it and delete it, know the texture script won’t work anymore, as scripts are dragged in that part. You may also keep it transparent permanently by selecting this part and set the transparency to 100%. Deleting the shadow part won’t change the Li anyway.

Ibiza Set Platform

The platform is done with planks. It is 6 Li at the rezz size (4,2 X 3,5 m), but it’s all modify, so you can make it smaller or bigger. And, just keep in mind the Land Impact will vary as you will rescale.

If you touch the item, a menu will offer 3 wood options.


The canopy is done with 4 wooden poles holding a hessian of heavy cotton.

Land Impact is 10 Li at the rezz size (3.75 X 3 m) and it’s same as the above if you rescale.

In addition, the texture menu will give you the 3 same options for the wood along with 5 options for the hessian (plain colors).

Ibiza Set Mattress

The mattress is covered of heavy cotton fabrics too with pattern. Decorated with a ribbon all over and buttons.

It has a Land Impact of 3. If you rescale it, knows the poses may need an adjusting at your next use.

2 avatars may sit on it simultaneously. And it will offer 12 single sit animations and 6 cuddle animations.

Finally, the texture menu will give you 5 options for each parts (main fabric, ribbon, buttons).


The ottoman is about same, except Land Impact is 2, and it has only single sit animations (12).


The table is 1 Land Impact.

Texture menu will offer the same 3 wood options.


  • 1. Ibiza Canopy & platform : 150 L$ but on Sunday 16th of august : 50 L$ only as part of the Secret Sale Sundays.
  • 2. Ibiza Mattress, ottoman & table : 150 L$ but on Sunday 16th of august : 50 L$ only as part of the Secret Sale Sundays.
  • 3. Ibiza Full set : 225 L$. Only available from Monday 17th of august.

Taxi for Petit Chat : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rayne%20and%20PetitChat/47/59/27

And more info about the Secret Sale Sundays Here !


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