With the shiny weather of July, we all enjoy being outside, and why not … having picnic !

This is why we did create this beautiful picnic set !


This set is an invitation to a friendly lunch in the country ! The table can have 8 avatars sitting on it. Each of them have a choice of 12 animations, including eating and drinking.

The table has a Land Impact of 9.

And because you need some dishes for your lunch, I did also create this lovely picnic crate.

While you get a fully linked crate (including dishes for 8 avatars), you may unlink it if you want and set it up to your needs and liking.

In the pack, you will also find the separated pieces, so you can create the decor you really like.

A dispenser is available for cutlery and another for tumblers. Every time an avatar will touch one of them, a notification will be sent for authorization. After accepting, the item will attach directly to the avatar. It will work great with the drinking or eating animations of the table, but will work with any other table or chair with this kind of animations.

Each single piece is 1 Li.

The full crate is 26 LI

Cutlery dispenser : 17 Li

Tumbler dispenser : 4 Li

Everything is 100 % Original mesh.

Permissions are copy and modify.

Materials enabled.

Crate & accessories are available in 4 color pastel color packs : Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green.


We are releasing this new item on Sunday 26th of July as part of the great Secret Sale Sundays event ! As a result each pack will cost 50 L$ only on the first day !

And after this day, you will still be able to find the pack in Petit Chat mainstore and Marketplace for 150 L$ each packs or 450 L$ for the full set. (Full set will be available only from Monday)

Taxi for Petit Chat : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rayne%20and%20PetitChat/47/59/27

And more info about the Secret Sale Sundays Here !


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