Fleur du Mâle are proud to release the DRAKE collection. Drake eyes are highly detailed, reptilian-like eyes, coming with vivid and softly animated prim lights. Drake eyes are perfect for demons, dragons, elfs, nekos … or just as an Halloween or gothic touch to your avatar. Like all the other Alive eyes, Drake eyes use at […]

So im glad to introduce to you the new Moumou’s Square located in Tuvuca Bay. So first u may land in Moumou’s gardenHere you will find a tp system for every part of the land.And i invite you to hang out in the lovely garden with beautifull ruins. Also dont miss to watch the lovely lighthouse.Then […]

Rage is dark purple outfit with laces and chains. Sometimes rage gives energy for creation.. This is what happened..and the result is gorgeous and really sexy .. You may wear it with the bra only, or the top with chains, and even add the lovely lace bolero. Laces gloves with sculpt gloves tops come for […]

Since, now, Americ Pelazzi is fully partenered with Nati and I, we needed a bigger land. And we found it, in Tuvuca. A lovely 1/4 sim where we moved our stores and Aymeric created his permanent art gallery. So durant more than a full week, we worked hard…Still some things to do, but you may […]