Yesterday, while i was playing the Praying Mary Hunt, from Madpea, with my friend Fadi, we had to find a cross (yeah Mary used crosses to kill the men she met) in a sim i didnt know already : Paradise of memories-Finlandia. At first, it took me time to rezz all fine there, but wow, it […]

No, i wont talk to you about the insane idea Apocalypse will happen in december 2012. I dont trust this kind of stupidities…. And shame for me if im wrong. Anyway, if this really happen, we wont have time for having any regrets… The most funny in this rumor is that the only place that […]

Today, Petit Chat has a new model for introducing its latest 3 new releases. I will wear the Someday’s outfit and the lovely Emmablistique will wear the Tomorrow and Dragonborn ones. I’ve recently met Emma in my store. Right away she appeared to be a nice girl who was hoping to give some help here […]

This month there are some new items in Petit Chat’s Mainstore ! First the precious Look Around : This a gorgeous set with outfit and boots. All in pink and white lace, so girly… The texture is pink velvet, with some pieces of stipes on the sleeves. The top is closed on the front. Boots are pink […]