I wish to everyone an happy Christmas !  There are 7 lil gifts waiting for you under Petit Chat’s xmas trees (there are 2 in both sides of the garden, each one has same 7 gifts) There are outside in the garden, one in the front terrassa, one in the back garden beside the ice […]

 Last night i made a dream…. I was working as a dancer in a kind of circus. We were travelling from a town to another everyday… No home anywhere, our home was everywhere we deploy the Circus tents… The place was empty… It was like i was alone here… training for my evening show.   I […]

Last sunday, i was looking for a nice place where i could make pics to introduce my Disenchanted Outfit. Finally, ive choosed to make the report in Shady Falls, a great 1920’s urban themed sim. Ok, the Disenchanted outfit is not exactly the same theme. I know… But i love contrasts… So after ive asked someone […]