Pastoral Bathroom Washstand is our exclusive item for this new round of Uber Hometown.

After our Pastoral kitchen collection, we needed a new set for our bathroom ! So here is the first item from this new collection.

Built with natural materials, just like the kitchen, this new collection will please to all the lovers of genuine things !

Pastoral Bathroom Washstand :

Our first item for this collection is a washstand.

Done from natural wood, brass and stone, this set includes :

  • Washstand : 4 Li – Water On/Off on touch – 3 standing animations
  • Jug : 1 Li
  • Basin : 1 Li

The washstand is animated. Just sit on it and choose between the 3 animations on the menu (2 for washing hands, 1 for washing face)

If you click the faucet, water will be On or Off.

In addition, you will find in the pack a jug and a basin. They are 1 Li each, but if you link them together, you will get 1 li for the whole instead of 2.

They come separated, so feel free to use them on other decors if you wish !

This item is available exclusively at Uber Hometown from June 19th till July 16th.


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