Pastoral Kitchen Fridge is our new addition to our Pastoral Kitchen collection.

With the Summer arriving, we all need a fridge in order to get cold drinks when we need !

This fridge will match perfectly with the other items from the Pastoral Kitchen collection, but also may be added in any other kitchen decor with a vintage touch.

The fridge is 7 Li at its rezzed size.

You can customize with a texture menu on touch. It will offer you a choice of 6 colors for the door and also the main part separately.

As usually, this is an original handmade mesh, and it is Copy, Modify, and Materials Enabled.

This item will be released on Sunday, 20th of June, in Petit Chat Mainstore, but you may get it earlier (with a 50 % discount) at the SL18B Shop & Hop Event.

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Taxi to Petit Chat @ SL18B Shop and Hop Event :


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