Finally, I decided to release the 3 snowmen as they did promise to behave.
When Santa arrived for his nocturn visit, we were trying to build an Xmas tree with planks.

Santa looked in his bag and he gave us color paint pots and tools !

Finally we finished the tree and i served hot chocolate and cookies to everyone.
We ended up the night around the tree, telling Christmas tales together.
That was a super great night !

Here is a copy of the tree for you too !

All original mesh and texture and exclusive Christmas 2016
Copy and modify
6 Li at the given size (less if you make it smaller, more if you make it bigger)
Enjoy !

You will need to wear Petit Chat group tag for that one. Up on a wall in that room i made a big sign where you may see all the pictures of the gifts and that you can touch to join the group.

Also for non group members we have this cute version of my felt hat : Winter hat.

Just buy the box for 0 l$ and you will recieve the package in your inventory.

Enjoy !

Your taxi to the gifts is HERE 


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