We are releasing on May 10th a new set called : Roma Set.

This one will bring joy in your home decoration thanks to it’s vibrant colors.

A nice mix of natural materials : wood, fabrics and stone. All organic !

Roma Set :

As you can see from the poster, the set comes in several pieces :

  • Armchair : A dotty cushion on the top and a plain color cushion on the bottom. The great news is that you may mix and match and play with the 3 colors offered by the texture menu on each cushion separately. Wood parts have 4 color options. Armchair is 3 Li only and offers 12 sit animations for both gender.
  • Table : 4 wood options for it. 3 Li
  • Vase : 4 stone options and 1 Li
  • Screen : 4 options for the wood and 3 for the dotty fabric. 4 Li

With the whole set you may really create unique atmosphere in your room by playing with all the options offered.

The set is sold in separated packs :

A full pack will be available from monday.


This new item will be released on Sunday 10th of May as part of the great Secret Sale Sundays event ! So, for this reason, each pack will be sold for 50 L$ only on the first day !

After this day, you will still be able to find the pack in Petit Chat mainstore and Marketplace for 150 L$ each packs or 315 L$ for the full set. .

Taxi for Petit Chat : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rayne%20and%20PetitChat/70/94/27

and more info about the Secret Sale Sundays Here !


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