Here is our new Spring Birdhouse ! This cute shelter for birds will be the perfect addition to your outdoor decor.

Have you heard how loud birds are singing recently. The fact humanity is slowed down is not a bad thing for Nature.

And on top, it’s the season for couples and birth !

So definitely : birds need to find comfy homes !

Spring Birdhouse :

First of all, those lil decors are only 5 land impact at the rezzed size.

The second good news is that this pack is actually a fatpack. The birdhouse comes with a texture hud, giving 8 color options on 5 parts separately.

Roof wont change color, but there are still a big ammount of possibilities !

It is, of course 100 % original mesh, and, as usually copy, modify, and materials enabled.

Birds of not included, but im sure you will find great ones that you can invite in those cute homes. You may even add a few decors for them on the deck and fill the bowl indoor.


This new item will be released on Sunday 26th as part of the great Secret Sale Sundays event ! So, for this reason, it will be sold for 50 L$ only on the first day !

After this day, you will still be able to find the pack in Petit Chat mainstore and Marketplace for 169 L$ .

Taxi for Petit Chat :

and more info about the Secret Sale Sundays Here !


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