Romantic Dinner Candlestick gift : Shop & Hop Valentine’s Day event is now open ! We are thrilled to participate again to this big shopping celebration organized by Linden Lab.

So, visit Petit Chat store there ! You will find a selection of my items at 50 % Off the price !

And get your Romantic Dinner Candlestick for free ! An exclusive item I did create for the opportunity and that you may get as a welcome gift during the time of the event.

Romantic Dinner Candlestick

This lovely decor will be a perfect addition for any Valentine’s Day table decor !

The lil hearts change color (8 options) and the flame can be set on and off. Everytime you put it out, a lil smoke will appear.

Of course, this item is copy, modify and materials enabled.

And it’s 100 % original mesh.

It’s a gift during the duration of the event. After the event, you will be able to find it on sale in my mainstore and on my Marketplace for 50 L$ only.

Have fun and have a great Valentine’s Day !

Taxi to Shop & Hop event :

More infos about the Romantic Dinner set


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