New release @ Petit Chat Mainstore : The Tartine Inc. Set !

It will be released on Sunday February the 16th. It’s a mainstore release, but… the first day will be a pre-release day : the set will be available for 50 L$ for the first 24 hours, because it will be part of the Secret Sale Sundays.

The perfect set for a good breakfast

In France we looove bread. We have a lot of kind of breads : different flours, different reciepes, different yeasts, different shapes…. Well…. of course, the most known of french bread is the traditionnal “baguette”. But we have other kinds of bread. I rarely eat “baguette”, but i absolutely love some other kinds of bread (specially the one done with einkorn flour), to the point, i prefer a slice of bread rather than a cake.

My usual breakfast is done with a cup of cold chocolate with milk AND … 2 slices of fresh bread with a bit of butter. No more, no less…. That’s my ideal breakfast !

Everytime i don’t have fresh bread, i use some i did freeze and grill them with my toaster.

So now, we may have this in SL too, with the new Tartine Inc. Set

The set comes with 8 color options.

Tartine Inc. Set :

The set includes :

  • Bread : 3 kinds : full, half bread and slice of bread (1 Li each)
  • Toaster (1 Li )
  • Toast holder : 2 kinds : full (4 Li) & empty (1 Li)
  • Plate with butter (1 Li)
  • Cup with jam (1 Li)

Except the breads, all other pieces are texture change with 8 color options. Thus, with this set you get an infinity of possibilities for your breakfast settings.

As usually, it is 100 % original mesh, copy, modify and materials enabled.

February, 16th : pre-release day !

The set will be set to the price of 199 L$ (remember you have 8 color options in the pack).


On it’s launching day (Sunday, Feb, 16th), it will be part of the Secret Sale Sundays event, meaning….. you can get it for 50 L$ ONLY !!!! Yes…. Yes…

Just that day…. So if you have the luck to be in SL that day, do not miss this incredible deal !

Secret Sale Sundays infos :

Your TAXI :

Do not hesitate to come and click the items in order to play with the color menu.

Have fun !


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