We are joining the Versus Event this month and we did created the “Rustic Set” for it.

The Rustic Set

Perfect for your little cottage away from it all! The Rustic set looks just right for that setting or any other. With it’s little extra touches it can add a homely feel. Remember that old saying…”where ever I lay my hat, that’s my home”? Put you straw hat down on the table and you’re home.

This set includes :

Table : 3 Li
Bench : 2 Li – 2 sitters (9 anims for each)
Stool : 2 Li – 1 sitter (12 anims)
Hat decor : 1 Li – Texture change (6 options for the rattan – 6 options for the ribbon)
Towel : 1 Li – Texture change (6 options)
Table Runner : 1 Li – Texture change (6 options)
Fruit Bowl : 1 Li – Texture change (6 options)

Available as a full set or separately.

The Full Set is 249 L$

Furniture pieces (Table, Bench, Stool) are 50 L$ each

Decor pieces (Fruit Bowl, Hat, Table Runner, Towel) are 45 L$ each.

Now you ask : “But where can i buy ? ”

The set is released at the Versus Event

It open on Feb 1st till the end of the month.

Enjoy !


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