The Boardwalk Event is celebrating its second round, and our exclusive is a lovely set made of table, chair, doily and cake stand : The Emma Set

Emma Set

This new decor set includes the 4 pieces but each of them is sold separately. So, you can mix and match the colors according to your taste.

6 colors are available for the table and the chairs : Mint, Peach, Eucalyptus, Chocolate, Cherry and Candy. All of them may work together and create a very cute decor for your home. Each color pack is sold 50 L$ only. Thus you may get a simple set of table and chairs for 100 L$. Add more if you wanna mix several colors together.

The chairs comes with animations (no poses), 3 female sit animations & 3 male animations (but more or less, they may be used by both gender).

Doily and CakeStand will make a nice addition to your decor and they are texture change. So they include all the 6 colors. And they are sold 50 L$ only !

Full details here

TAXI to the event.


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