Some days, our world just look crazier and sicker than usually. You know, those days where you are left speechless by the news… You knew our world is just insane yet, but at this moment, it is just showing you that there is no limit to its insanity…

So it’s time for you to close your eyes for a few minutes…. Breath deep… again… again… Feel the air all over your skin. Focus your mind on your innerself. Remember a sweet moment with your family or a friend… Remember your last giggle…. your last great surprise…. your last kiss to a lover or a friend …. your last orgasm….
Slowly you may now reoppen your eyes and move…
Your day will be a good one. I promise …..
We are having a new 65 $ today deal ! Just because we released the Crystalline set in the mainstore …
This set is done of a pair of earrings and a necklace.
You may buy each piece separately (65 l$ for the time of the deal) or together (price during the deal is 105 for the whole. yes you did read well !!! Not to be missed, indeed)
Both comes with  a Hud with several option that you may try on the 3D models inworld.
It is 100 % original mesh and textures and it is materials enabled.
More infos here

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