Latest Saturday started a new round at the Fashion Collective.
As usual, although the amount of events I’m joining starts to be a bit too much for a single person with a RL full time job on top and other activities like my art gallery, I did my best to join.
I created this lovely and elegant dress that comes in 3 versions : Temptation dress.
Temptation dress burgundy
The Temptation dress is a really delicate and classy dress but it’s also the kind of dress you can wear everyday. Sometimes you don’t need a pompous and formal gown to be elegant, a simple dress can make you look even more classy, if you wear it with style. 
Temptation dress burgundy
This is the case of the Temptation dress. The shape of the dress will adorn your body perfectly, and the delicate texture is fancy but not too much, just the necessary. 
3 versions are available : Burgundy, Ivory and salmon.
Temptation dress ivory

Each version comes in 5 standard sizes and as a bonus they come also with a crown of leaves.
The dress is copy only, but the crown comes with a resize script and also is modify.
Temptation dress salmon
As a background for this post I chose to go to H22O, this beautiful rainy sim created by Muccia Klaar and her partner. 
The sim will close at the end of the month. Time for them to start a new project, so H22O has to stop.
This is a big loss for all the SL photographers because, really this place had a unique soul which was often giving a lot of inspiration for creating beautiful snapshots (raws or edited).
Temptation dress salmon

 Of course the decision of the owner of that sim is fully respectable and somewhat this kind of creations is ephemeral. 
Knowing they are already working on a new project is exciting and although we will keep H22O in our memory and on a lot of photos done there from a lot of artists, I am pretty sure they will please all of us, when the time will come, with their future creation.
I hope I’ll have a bit of time to go back there before the closing down for a shooting.
You have still around 3 weeks to visit or revisit this stunning place : taxi
Don’t forget to visit The Fashion Collective, You will see there stalls from some of the finest creators in SL. Taxi
All pics from this post are cropped unedited snapshots.
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