Winter Market 2020

Hello, Christmas is just around the corner, and winter markets bloom about everywhere.

Petit Chat is part of the Cookie Jar Winter Market 2020.

If you don’t know the Cookie Jar sim, I strongly recommend you to visit it. This sim is dedicated to Home & decor theme and it’s full of lil stores from all around the grid specialized in this kind of items.

Beautifully decorated, it is worth a visit, whether you are looking for some shopping experience or just want to explore a new region.

Each month of December, they set a winter market, where the shop tenants can offer a few of Christmas themed items at very reduced price.

On Petit Chat’s stand, you can find 3 items :

  • Old Sled for 25 L$ only. (with a menu giving 4 color options)
  • Santa’s Sign in Green or in Red, for 50 L$ each (with menu for text, snow and no snow options, and wall and stand version)

In addition, this lovely market offers a lot of presents to its visitors.

Those are located on small Christmas Carts. You will need to join the Cooking Jar Group first, no fee is needed, and click the boxes.

And lastly, there are donations boxes all around the market, for PurpleSnow, who has been working for the Cookie Jar for years, and who is currently fighting against cancer. The money collected will be sent to her in order to help her with the health expenses.

A good opportunity to finish the year with a last good action.

1- Taxi to the Market :

2- Taxi to the Giving Tree :

3- Taxi to Petit Chat stand at the Market :

4- Taxi to Petit Chat Store on Cookie Jar sim :

Happy holidays !


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