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A new round started this week end at the Fashion Collective. This time the theme is : Desert Godess.
Nayomi Gartner, the event manager, set a fantastic decor to surround the exclusive items displayed there by 18 awesome SL designers.

As usually, all items have been especially created for the event and according the theme.

So for the occasion, i created 2 new dresses under my new product line : Petit Chat ArtFashion.
2 mesh dresses textured with 2 of my artworks, reworked for the purpose.

The first one is the really artsy Tree of Life.
For this one i used a raw photography i made in Happy Mood sim. It has not be exhibited in my artgallery yet, so it’s really unseen.
You can see the pic here, in my flikr stream, Tree of Life .
As usually, the dresses i design under the Petit Chat ArtFashion line have materials enabled.
But first let’s take a look at the dress without the advanced lighting model feature enabled. So let’s say, im running now with mid graphics performance.

Ok, so the dress has already a unique look. I’ve added 2 shoulder pads with mesh tree branches. You can wear the dress with or without the pads of course.

Now, let’s open our preference menu and let’s switch our graphic performances to ultra graphic performances with advanced model lighting and ambiant occlusion features enabled.

And here is the fun. Now you can play with your windlight settings and the shadows and you will see how the dress change its appearance according to the settings of your choice.
For this one i havent added a lot of relief, but i played more with how the lights will be reflected by the dress.

Of course the shoulder pads are also materials enabled.

The dress comes in 5 sizes with alpha layer.
Shoulder pads are resizable but not mod.
All is copy.
The price is 360 L$.

For the second exclusivity, i used my pic “Sparks !” made in the so missed World Ends Garden sim.
You can see it here : Sparks !
The canvas is no longer displayed in my artgallery but you can see it currently in my mainstore and even buy it (200 L$).

The dress is one sleeve only and it comes with assorted panties.
Of course, it’s also material enabled, and so if we switch our viewer to ultra graphic performance we see the dress like this :

This dress as more relief than the Tree of Life.

And due to its bright color, it reflects a lot the light.

The dress comes in 4 sizes with alpha layers and assorted panties.
Copy perms.
Price is 300 L$.

You will find now those 2 dresses at the event only.

Of course after the event will be done, they will be released in my mainstore.

This round is running from march the 16th and will end on march the 28th.

Taxi for the Fashion Collective : here

Taxi for Petit Chat mainstore : here

Taxi for Petit Chat ArtGallery : here

I hope you enjoyed the reading.

More to come soon.



All the pics of this post have been thru my photoshop for being only croped and resized. They haven’t been edited.


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