Sometimes ago, ive been given the opportunity to participate in an Easter Market. And i decided to give it a try, why not ?
And i’m not disapointed at all, because i could see that the managers of the event gave a big care to the decor. So it has been a real delight to install my tables and stuffs in this lovely surround.
Its a precious spring garden with a circle shape.
All around plenty of designers have installed their stall and added some easter decorations.
Since the theme is Easter and spring, all items are related to that.
So of course Petit Chat has its own stall and i’ve been so pleased to add a bit of deco around it.
 On my tables you will find 2 of my latest releases : the Persephone dress and the Love soul dress. 
Both have 2 colors available.
The Persephone dress comes in grey color.

And in pink.
The other dress is called Persephone, like the sprink Goddess.
It comes in grey with flower brocades.
and in old pink. (and behind me, this is the stall of my friend Pinkrayne heheheheh)
So the 4 dresses comes in several sizes, with alpha layer and panties.
But the cherry on the pie is that the event has also a lil hunt. You have to find Easter eggs all around the stalls and just buy them for 0L$.
And since i was just releasing my very first mesh skirt, all made from scratch by myself (yay !) i’ve decided to give it away as hunt prize.
You will find the Easter egg for this skirt under my tables.
This skirt comes with 5 standard sizes but ALSO in fitted mesh version.
so if you are using one of the very latest viewers, try that one first.
You will find another version of this skirt as group gift in my mainstore.
Hope you will enjoy !
Taxi for Easter market : Easter market event till the 16th of april
Taxi for Petit Chat mainstore : Petit Chat mainstore
Stay tuned, coming soon a new round of The collective fashion with a gypsy theme !

(Except cropping and frame, no post processing has been done on the pics of this post)


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