Coucou !
A new round will start at the Fashion Collective on the 13th of september at 10 am SLT !
The theme is : Bucolic autumn.
For this round i have created a short long sleeved dress in autumnal design. 
It’s called Essences and there are 4 colors available.
As background for this post i have chosen to go to Frisland a beautiful land perfect for an autumnal decor.
The first color is a dark green with a large bordure in old pink on the bottom of the dress.
In the front, the leaves print is same pink.
The second color is orange. Of course ! It’s the perfect color for autumn. This one mix a green khaki going till a green orange and sleeves and bottom strip is dark orange aswell as the leaves print.
The third color that came to my mind while working on the textures for this automnal dress was the red. Where i live there are a lot of vineyards and in autumn the leaves turn to a beautiful red.
Thus i created a red version for this dress.
A warm red that will make you feel comfy even if the weather turn to cold.
The last version of the dress is a striped orange and yellow dress.
This dress will be available ONLY at the Fashion Collective for the duration of the event.
After the end of the round, you will find it in my mainstore and in my market place.
Pics from this post are cropped raw photographs.

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