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A new round of the Fashion Collective is starting from the 5th of April till the 18th.
I particularly love this event, as Nayomi Gartner, the event manager, put a really great care to the decor for each round. She gives the theme and she set an awesome surround for our creations.
I must say that every items you can see there are exclusive ones. That means they have been created specially for the event according to the theme Nayomi gave to us and till the end of each round you won’t be able to find them elsewhere than in the Fashion Collective skybox.

So the new round will stand in a lovely gypsy camp. About 20 designers are bringing to you exclusive creations on the gypsy theme.

And of course Petit Chat had to be here with the ArtFashion product line.
The theme was great for me since i have in my collection of artwork 2 digital illustrations about gypsy camps.
One has been taken in Wildfleur sim, and the other one in Goatswood village, one of my favorite SL destinations.

So let’s start with the first one : Nomads. For this one i used my artwork with same name, currently displayed in my “Wandering alone” exhibition at my artgallery .
Its a long gown and of course it has materials enabled.
But let’s first take a look at it, without materials enabled on my viewer. Just at middle graphic performance with basic shaders enabled.

The texture itself represent a gypsy caravan in Goatswood village. The gown is really elegant.

Now, let’s turn our graphics to the max with advanced lighting model and ambiant occlusion enabled.

Ta-da ! See how the texture shines. Materials in SL are probably the recent improvement i enjoy the most. It gives to textures an aspect really real and so beautiful.

The back of the gown has a beautiful long ribbon with a butterfly on the top.

The gown is copy only. It comes in 5 standard size + a fitted mesh version that should fit most of you.
You will find in a note card in the pack a serie of alpha layers. Choose the best one for you among them.
Price is 360 L$.

The second item i specially created for this new round is of course called “Gypsy”.

This one has been textured with another of my artworks, called “Gypsy” too, made from a snapshot taken in wildfleur and no longer displayed in my artgallery, but you can see it in the gypsy caravan in my garden just beside my mainstore .

The dress is really feminine and has a mesh chest jewell to add on it.

Once you enable materials in your viewer the dress become something unique and so refined.
The dress comes in 4 sizes with several alpha layers to better fit you (on a note card aswell).

The price for this one is 300 L$.
The dress is copy only.

You will find both dresses on my stall there.

And while you are there, dont forget to make a visit at my friend Pinkrayne’s stall (Holy shirt), just beside mine.
She has 2 lil skirts and tanks just adorable.

See by yourself :

this is the blue and red version

And here is the purple version.

Isn’t this adorable ?

I love both of them, but i confess i have a lil preference for the blue and red one 🙂

And you should see all that is on the other stalls ! Tons of great items !

So taxi is here : The Fashion Collective .

I really hope you will enjoy your visit there.

See ya soon

Hugs !



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