It’s a tradition at Petit Chat : each year, the lil cat meets secretly Santa and they decide 12 gifts to give to Petit Chat group members along the days till the 25th of December.
This year, they will be all original mesh and textures as Petit Chat turned in Petit Chat Original a few weeks ago.
So we are starting this giveaway with a cute cube garland for your Xmas deco.

This cute garland is 3 LI only but beware if you resize it will be more.
You may see it displayed at the mainstore in front of our Christmas tree.
It is all original mesh and textures.
And you will need to wear your group tag and touch the lil box at the bottom of the tree.

For our non group members, we have this cute beauty set :

It is original mesh aswell, but not exclusive.
3 LI only at the original size.
No group tag required for that one, just buy the box for 0 l$ and enjoy !!!
Stay tuned….we are expecting another visit from Santa tomorrow !



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