Behind the watermill at Moumou’s square, there is a ping-pong table.
One of my best find in SL recently. This table is made by PewPew and firstly, it looks really great. There were several colors to choose, i took the red one.
It’s really nicely done, and textures are looking really good. On top the land impact is 3 only for the table and you can add a lovely racket stack deco for 2 extra LI, if you wish.
But that’s not all…
Because this table is scripted and then you may sit on it and have a lot of animations making you look like you are actually ping pong.
The menu offer to gives you a ping pong racket that you may wear to add more realism and you will even here the sound of a ball on the table !
This table was released a few months ago at Sanarae event, but you may find it now at PewPew mainstore. Really, it makes a great addition to a home or garden.

Great news ! Our new weekly flash group gift is out !
This week you may get the Deuce dress in Plum color and its the perfect one for playing ping-pong !
The dress is beautifully textured and as a bonus comes with a tattoo applier (or layer) to wear on your back.

The usual Flash group gift page is here.



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