I dont know you, but every women i know in RL has same problem than i have with bags. We always try to buy them small, so we are forced to limit ourselves in what we are filling it with. Nevertheless, our bags always ends full of things and heavy and there is no way to find anything inside without spending long time in search and often, we must empty it totally in order to find what we are looking for….
The worst is my mom’s bag…. (i should talk plurals here, as she has dozens of bags…lol). But everytime i see her diving her hand inside in the purpose to find something, it looks to me like she’s doing one of those horror games when you must dive a hand in pots not knowing what is inside and often filled with disgusting things. That’s it… i m always expecting to see my mom’s hand coming back up with blood or jelly all over it, lol. As she is stuborn (well, im not her daughter for nothing !) she most often find what she’s looking for, but it can take hours.
On my side; i try to limit myself to small bags and just have the minimum i need. Of course after a few weeks, it starts to be a big mess of folded papers, pens, meds, and whatnot. But having a small bag will always limit the amount of what i can put inside… and if i need more, i still can take my backpack lol

Staying on the topic, Petit Chat just released some gorgeous leather briefcases as exclusive for the new round of Marvelous Event.
There are 8 colors to choose from and they are all original mesh and textures of course. Also they are materials enabled.
Enough big for you can carry all your stuffs and even more they will do a lovely accessory for any casual outfit.
They are copy and mod, so you may resize, recolor etc…

Info page


What i’m wearing aswell ?

Bag : *PC* My leather briefcase Fuscia
Head : Genesis_Head_Nicole_2.0
Body : Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Dress :Kaithleen’s Linen Dresss – Bluepattern Maitreya
Boots : Maitreya Moccasin Boots Camel * Lara-Flat Fitted
Hair : MINA Hair – Odyle (materials) (Kustom9 3rd bday gift)
Necklace : UC_Rain_drops_All in 1_necklace_women (Kustom9 3rd bday gift)
Puppy : JIAN Countryside Collies :: Held Pup Tri

The decor (done on my own plateform) :

Building : ionic : A Strange Day _ (a) (bought at the current round of The Draftsman)
Desks, chairs and lamps : BALACLAVA!! Interview Desk Set (Silver prize at the Madpea Interview game)
Frames : i { DH } Gacha! Thankful Memories
Rug and mini pod from : Jinx : Pod Set
Ashtray : junk. lobby ashtray. (Silver prize at the Madpea Interview game)


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