Pumpkin & Bats : Release date : Oct 1st.

Well, it’s not a secret …. Autumn is here and Halloween will be soon here too.

So we made this cute Pumpkin & Bats !

First thing is that this item may be unlinked : you may use the pumpkin and the bats separately. While bats are more limited to Halloween time, pumpkins may grow in your garden all along the autumn !

Pumpkin & Bats >> details of the item :

Pumpkin : a good and beautiful veggie, grown in Petit Chat’s garden :).

That one is fully modifiable, so you may resize it and even play with the color tab if you want to make it a big darker. Those pumpkins are grown to maturity, they have a beautiful orange color.

If you unlink it and use it separately, the Land impact for each is 1 Li only (may vary with the size if you rescale it).

The bat :

This bat is a decor, so do not expect it animated.

However, this lovely animal has been designed with a lot of care and details.

Hovering in a nimble attitude, the bat has its wings opened wide.

Second Life will say its land impact is 1, but actually, it’s 0,5. So when you link 2 bats together, the Li will remain 1.

Isn’t this bat cute ?

@Monster party cart sale event during the month of October.

Pumpkin and bats come together, and the pack will be released on October 1st at the Monster Party Cart Sale event.

It will be only available there during the whole month.

And great news ! It will be available with a 50 % Off during that time ! So you can get it for 75 L$ only !

Check out this page for more info.


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