Autumn Fruits Candles :

Autumn Fruits Candles – For the tray, we did choose a gorgeous wood plank, and we just applied a slight layer of varnish and a thin line of gold paint all over.

At the center of it, we placed 2 candles. They already have been used once, so there are some wax drips all over.

We, then, arranged a few chestnuts, hazelnuts and some baby pumpkins all around.

Candles may be lit or extinguished by a simple click on the wick.

Isn’t this a lovely decor to place somewhere in your kitchen or living room ?

The land impact for this object is 2.

And of course, it is 100 % Original Mesh.

Permissions are Copy and Modify, as usually. Textures are materials enabled.

Released, first, as a Hunt Prize for the Monster Party Cart Sale & Hunt :

And the great news is that this item will be released as Hunt Prize for the Monster Party Cart Sale & Hunt. There are many years I am joining this event, now, and I’ve got the surprise to receive a Huntie Award in 2019 and in 2020 in the category “Favorite Indoor Home Furnishings”. I feel so honored !

Thus, in order to thank all the hunters who did vote for me, I wanted this new prize even better than the previous ones !

I hope you will like our Autumn Fruits Candles !

The event will run from Oct 1st till the 31st.

Check out this page for more info.


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