Chocolate Celebration : New release / September 2021

September is the month of my RL B day, so what’s better than a good yummy cake and family and friends to celebrate such day ?

Thus, I created this delicious Chocolate cake decorated with some chocolate meringues, candies (like Smarties or Skittles) and delicate petals of cocoa on the top.

Chocolate Celebration is our group gift in September !

This set is released, at first, as an exclusive group gift during the month of September.

It will be incorporated to our regular collection on sale from the month of October.

But meanwhile, it’s all free for the members of Petit Chat group !

Permissions are Copy and Modify.

It is materials enabled.

Land impact is kept low : 2 Li for the cake and 1 Li for each other pieces.

Please be aware that there is a small one time fee to join (50 L$), but it worth it !

We have 1 new groupgift every month (exclusive item, or exclusive recolor) and another gift taken from our collection (thus, that one is free for you all along the said month)

Taxi to Chocolate Celebration :

Full info about the September Group gifts HERE


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